Will having a nose job affect my performance as a professional singer?

Yes, it beyond any doubt could influence your voice. Changing the wind stream through your nose by doing a Septoplasty could exceptionally well change the nasal nature of your voice, changing its quality and character. The insignificant actuality of having a surgery and intubation tube set between your vocal strings could likewise change your voice. IMHO, you ought to have a surgeon ready wristband that says use LMA, not endotracheal tube for intubation and you ought to request this in the event that you choose to have your Rhinoplasty. I have done Rhinoplasty on artists over my 20 + year vocation yet I could never guarantee them that their voice may not be influenced. In the event that it helps you, it never did to any degree however it is a probability

The nasal voice will change marginally contingent on how serious the deviation of the nasal septum is. There will be more reverberation to the voice and the voice will really be entirely more pleasant after the system is performed and after the swelling has died down. A septoplasty will influence the nasal voice more than a rhinoplasty. The rhinoplasty won’t influence the voice apparently.

Anything is actually “conceivable” after a rhinoplasty, incorporating a slight variety in your voice. Be that as it may, the odds of your septoplasty influencing your singing voice are slight and, in my experience as a plastic specialist, have never been an issue for my past patients. It appears just as this is a critical element in your choice, so I would exceedingly prescribe talking about this inquiry with your specialist.


Simply ask Barbara Streisand, Asheley Tisdale, or listen to the late Michael Jackson. Repair of a strayed septum and/or rhinoplasty ought not influence your singing. In any event it hasn’t in the expert vocalists that I have treated. Do pick your rhinoplasty specialist generally deliberately. Good fortunes and be well.

Rhinoplasty ought not significantly influence your singing. Any change is not noticeable. Revision of veered off septum ought to enhance your nasal aviation route and on the off chance that you have significant deviation with nasal obstacle, then it might influence your singing emphatically by permitting you to move air through your nose better. Certain surgeons such as Incline Village Rhinoplasty are great with this. Again, it ought not have a hindering effect on your singing.

This is a decent question, since this is clearly a sympathy toward the individuals who sing professionally. My recommendation to patients is that in spite of the fact that it is conceivable that there will be vocal changes, it is very improbable. The greatest danger to the voice amid Rhinoplasty is intubation, or situation of a breathing tube past the vocal strings. To guarantee the patients security, I utilize a Board Certified Anesthesiologist to ensure that the intubation is smooth, and I put the patient on Prevacid (proton pump inhibitor for gastric corrosive control) for 1 week before and 1 week after the system.